Equestrian Team

Alison Craig BHSI, BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach, APC, UKCC Level 3, BD Youth Assessor, PC Specialist Dressage Coach – Equestrian Director

Alison has had her full BHSI Instructor’s certificate (and International Trainer level 3) for over 20 years. With 40 years of teaching experience, and a broad experience of the equine industry and competition environments, she is uniquely placed to encourage and support our St Teresa’s budding equestrians.

Alison is, amongst other things, a freelance Accredited Professional Coach, UKCC Level 3 Coach through British Dressage, a listed BD Judge, Pony Club Specialist Dressage Coach, BRC Judge, and a BD Youth Assessor and Trainer. She was also District Commissioner of a local Pony Club branch for 11 years, and a life instructor member of the TTT. She has worked with RDA/para riders, and has a deep love of ponies and teaching.

Claire Hurst and Katherine Sayer – Administrators (Part-time)

Katherine Sayer BHS Stage 2 Care & Lunge and Riding – Administrator. Katherine has a few years of administration experience as well as being a horse owner and rider herself, with also a lot of competition experience as a competitor, as well as some as an organiser.

Tess Wise BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, BHS Stage 4 Care & Lunge and Riding, APC, UKCC2 – Chief Instructor

Tess is our specialist in working with children and teaching in riding schools. She has also worked with RDA, and is working towards her Complete Stage 4 Senior Coach. Her irrepressible love of working with all varieties of horses and ponies shines through, and she takes the lead on our popular ‘Pony Days’ throughout our holiday periods. Everybody adores Tess and she is passionate about her teaching.

Katie Bell BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, APC – Freelance Instructor

Katie has enjoyed a competitive Pony Club career, including eventing and schooling a wide variety of ponies, followed by college, her BHS exams and a wide experience of teaching. Katie is working towards her Complete BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach and is currently working for us freelance to fit around her studies in English and History at Royal Holloway University.

Judy Lord BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, APC, RDAGI – Freelance Instructor

As well as teaching her own clients, Judy helps our riders in understanding the benefits of refining the basics in order to bring out the best of both horse and rider. Judy brings with her many years of experience in all situations of teaching, including RDA.

Sadie Penn BHSII, BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach, APC, UKCC3 – Freelance Instructor

Sadie has worked as a qualified instructor and trainer in the UK and abroad, and enjoys training all levels of rider, from novice to advanced, in all 3 disciplines. She has worked in a large variety of equine yards, rides and trains regularly with international riders and their horses, and has lectured at a local college for many years, as well as offering freelance teaching in the South East. Sadie is patience personified and a lovely teacher.

Amy Phipps BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, APC – Freelance Instructor

Amy brings a wealth of experience and talent in her teaching background, specialising with riding schools and Pony Clubs. She is great at coming up with a variety of activities to keep riding fun and loves to teach our holiday Pony Days and younger riders.

Kim Spence BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, BHS Stage 4 Care, APC, UKCC2 – Freelance Instructor

Kim is particularly empathetic as a teacher, and brings her talent and experience to our team for our daytime senior riders, as well as occasionally attending to the training of our staff members.

Georgie Wood PC A Test, BHS Stage 3 Coach, UKCC2 – Freelance Instructor

A talented event rider, Georgie is an experienced Pony Club Instructor and coach. She brings her energy, enthusiasm and talent to teaching our riders and especially our budding event riders and jumpers.

Evie Bennett BHS Stage 3 Care & Lunge and Riding – Yard Manager

Evie came to us from a top class riding school environment. She is working towards her BHS Stage 4 and is currently studying part time for her Master’s degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Nottingham University. She is in charge of the care of all our lovely horses and ponies, and runs the yard impeccably.

 Yasmin Elcome BHS Stage 3 Care, BHS Stage 2 Care & Lunge and Riding – Senior Groom

Yasmin brings her knowledge and experience to our team, having worked at various competition yards, focusing on dressage and show jumping as well as riding her own horse. She is working towards her BHS Stage 3 exam.

Mandy Elcome – Groom

Mandy brings her energy and enthusiasm to our team. As well as sharing her own horse with her daughter, Mandy’s freelance experience is being used to work towards her BHS Stage 1 and future teaching qualifications.

Bonnie Corfield BHS Stage 2 Care & Lunge and Riding – Groom

Bonnie has stepped down from working for us full time for several years, but is staying on to help out when needed. She is now spending her time looking after her own horses.